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I am an artist in the USA who graduated with a Painting/Drawing degree from Anderson University (SC). Although I enjoy many media and have also done studies in Graphic Design, painting is my first love and is usually the main media I choose when I create. My work constantly contains the manipulation of color - it is key to most of my pieces. I like to create work that has a purpose, whether that is to cause the viewer wonder, to depict personality, or to communicate a message. 

WonderRealm Studio is me. I am WonderRealm Studio. The name refers to the  kinds of images that I create and some of my personal qualities. It also draws from things that are important to me as an artist, such as joy, excitement, communication, expression, and (of course) creativity.

Feel free to chat with me about anything - ask me questions about my art or my process, ask for a quote, convey curiosity concerning commissions (all about alliteration, guys! {Also the corny jokes/puns. Sorry not sorry.}), tell me about your cats (and I'll tell you about mine!), or talk to me about the best places to travel. 

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Highlights from 2018

"Wet Paint" at Colors of Humanity


Two of my portraits made it into a digital showcase called "Wet Paint" on the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery's website. "Wet Paint" is here.

SOLD at Ariodante


My piece Wave  sold to collectors from Europe while hanging in the Ariodante Art and Craft Gallery in downtown New Orleans!

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Here you can download my artist resume if you'd like to know more about what I've participated in.

WonderRealmStudio_2018 (pdf)